Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blue man group sucks

I had been to Las Vegas for this thanks giving weekend.

Boy O Boy, Vegas was over crowded this weekend. I read somewhere that, when economic situations are bad, people take the 'easy route' for their vacationing.

Everyone in the surrounding areas like LA, bay area, Arizona, drive to Vegas, instead of flying out to any place else, during wallet-tight days.

This was my seventh or eighth time visiting Vegas. Iam not a big fan of gambling, but I do spare some change for the slot machines. My wasting limit is usually around $20.

I am more inclined towards spending the big bucks on quality shows.

The likes of David Copperfield and Cirque de soleil is my idea of 'quality' shows.

This time, I wanted to watch the 'O' show in Bellagio. I made the mistake of not booking the show online, in advance. It was sold out this time as well, with a few tickets with 'obstructed' views. When I pay more than $100 for a ticket, i would prefer a 'un-obstructed' clear view of the act. so, I decided to miss out the show even this time.

Having driven so far, I wouldn't be a happy camper if I had to return with losing $20 bucks in a slot machine and not catching a 'quality' show.

so, with my frugal hat on, I went out hunting for tickets for some other 'quality' show. Vegas has this nice, half-price ticket outlets, which sells any lastminute unsold tickets for half the price.

Nothing really caught my interest, but when I saw 'Blue Man Group' in the Venetian Casino, I decided to give it a try.
i wasn't too sure what to expect. But, I was hoping, it would be some kind of a music show with lot of percussion instruments and some catchy visuals.

afterall, the original ticket was $139, which I was sold for a 'half-price' of $90.

I was happy that I got the premium seat for $90. So, i took my gang of six and went to venetian in time to convert the half-price voucher to real tickets and reserve my seat.

The casino box office lady said, I can't 'pick' my seat and the computer will 'auto-assign' the seat. I thought, "ok, what the heck? so be it".
The computer gave me a seating in row JJ. I asked the lady, if that was a good 'seat'. she assured that it was.

I went in the auditorium and JJ was the second row from the last.
I was a bit confused, how a premium seat ended up in the last-but-one row.

I later convinced myself (being the computer wiz, that I am :)), thinking that the computer probably assigned this, because, it couldn't find consecutive seating for my gang of six, any place else.

ayway, the show started with a bang.

as expected, three blue baldies started drumming, splashing paint. I said to myself, "vow, my $90 may be worth the spend".

but, the curiosity and interest only lasted for the first 3 minutes of the drumming.

All the other things that followed it, for 107 minutes (baring another 3 minutes somewhere in the middle), were a complete waste of my time and money.

There were moments where some of my gang members started yawning and stretching and looking at each other.
The blue baldies did other stuff. mostly, pulling a random guy/girl from the audience and making fun of them, etc..
well, i didnt spend $90 to see a cheap make-fun-of-audience show.
I expected more bang for the buck, like what the David Copperfields, Cirque de soleil or Mama Mia gives.

I wished, Mama Mia was available.

The free shows in Circus Circus, Treasure Island and other Casinos were far far better than the Blue Man Group.

last time around, i saw the La Reve in Wynn - was awesome and yes, it gave me the bang for the buck!

Blue man Group sucks! avoid it at any cost, if you can.

have you seen it? did you like it?