Friday, January 27, 2012

Nanban - Tamil Movie Review

What a treat to the eyes, ears and the heart? The standing ovation in the houseful theater at the end of the movie, summarized it all well.

Every minute in the movie was entertaining. There was no dull lag, except when Vijay played nurse, trying to deliver a baby using webcam assistance from Ileana and a vacuum cleaner. argh! but, even that wasn't as spooky as it would normally be. The likeability of Vijay just overpowers you and makes you follow him and acknowledge whatever he does.

Nanban revolves around three engineering grad students (Vijay, Jeeva, Srikanth) playing the usual college pranks, a tough principal (Sathyaraj), an interesting fourth grad student (Sathyan, playing Silencer is splendid) and ofcourse the principals daughter (Ileana).

Vijay fits so nicely well into the student mold. Jeevaa too. Srikanth does, after some squeeking.

Shankars, feel-good sequences are sown in plenty.
The writers notion that everyone should pursue their natural talent, to lead a successful and contended life is very nicely delivered by Vijay.

While everyone in the movie has a problem, Vijay is carefree and touches everyone with his thought provoking message 'Aal izz well'.
Nanban also magnifies the flaw in the Indian education system that doesn't necessarily produce the amount of thinkers the western system does. The dual between Vijay and Sathyaraj is witty and thoughtful.

Vijay, saves himself from ragging, by taking a spoon and devicing a quick electrocutor that electrocutes his seniors P, when the senior urinates on Vijays dorm door.
Vijay, saves Jeevas dying Dad by taking him to a hospital on a scooter with Ileana.
Vijay, convinces Srikanth that he should pursue his natural talent, photography, rather than engineering. He also gets him his first job.
and ofcourse, Vijay shows up on time to deliver Sathyarajs grand kid, when the city is slaughtered by rain and all hell breaks loose.

After graduation, Vijay disappears. Srikanth and Jeeva tries to locate him, discovering some interesting facts about Vijay.

The screenplay is so nicely done that the sense of suspense, which starts when Srikanth stops the plane soon after he receives a phone call, continues even after Sathyaraj, the villain, changes his mind and bonds up with Vijay.
It continues till the very last minute of the movie.

Amazing entertainer!

Cinematography was very pleasing - the sequences of Ooty and Dehradun was a visual treat.
Songs are catchy. The 'aall izz well' song, with a whistle along with the singing is a dance worthy number.

Ileana had nothing much to do;
Srikanth has a light role, but he fills the movie from begin to end;
Sathyaraj is pretty sure to bag an award for his performance. He over acts a bit (reminded me of our  legend Sivaji Ganesan), but that doesn't come in between us and him;
My personal favorite is Sathyan, who plays, Silencer. His speech in front of the minister is a laughing riot;

What a treat to the eyes, ears and the heart? The movie makes you laugh hysterically, (almost) shed a few tears and feel good in the end.

To know why Sathyans nick name is Silencer, to know why Nasa spent millions to create the space pen for its astronauts instead of giving them a pencil and to know why Vijay disappeared after graduation,
Watch it in theater!

PS: I just replaced the actors names from my previous 3 Idiots review, as Shankar did exactly that. :)
But, Shankar deserves great praise for bringing this to the tamil audience. Excellent remake and worth watching.