Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2020 - Will INDIA become a SUPER power by 2020 ?

I was reading India 2020: a Vision for the New Millennium by Kalam.

His ideas and suggestions for a better India are inspiring.

But given the state of affairs in the home land, achieving greatness in the next 13 years looks like a distant dream.

The poor are getting poorer, while the rich is getting richer day by day. Basic amenities are a rarity.

Farmers are dying everyday. Gap between literates and illiterates are increasing.

Though satellite TVs and cellphones are spreading faster than a forest fire, water scarcity is equally prevalent.

The growth in stock index and increase in foreign reserves does provide a positive sense. But, urban growth is not sufficient to claim the super power rank.

So, question of the hour is: Do you think India will become a super power by 2020? Will it atleast get better and be able to ensure that its citizens sleep everyday with a full stomach? OR Is our government and its leaders portraying just a mirage and will she get worse by 2020?

Click your choice and tell me what you think!!!

Happy Holidays guys and gals!
Happy Holidays guys and gals!
Happy Holidays guys and gals!


Sreejith said...

India just became a super power in 2020!


Anonymous said...

deffinatly INDIA will become

***** BEST WISHES ******

rags said...

india cant become a superpower till 2020 because of wide amount of corruption and still now india is a developing nation and is way out to be developed till 2020

Anonymous said...

Let's keep things simple.......

India will be a superpower within the 21st century.

For those who think she won't,jump off from here and do proper research on the net and know India well.

akshay said...

yes, india will become superpower by 2025

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.